We learn from the past in order to develop a better future

Mr. Luigi Greca, the founder of Ascot International started his career in 1960 working for Eni-Agip, the industrial group that initiated capitalism in the energy sector.
For over twenty years, he devoted his life to the construction and maintenance of petrol-chemical plants in Italy and Africa. A great entrepreneur, Mr. Greca created Ascot in 1973.
Greca’s knowledge, reliability, safety practices and drive to deliver the highest quality product available became the mantra of Ascot Industrial, and Ascot became the first Italian company in the energy sector to be awarded the quality certification UNI EN ISO 9001 as well as the NATO AQAP 110 certification for military supply.
Mr. Greca strove to uphold his “made in Italy” tradition. In doing so, Ascot was run by the entire Greca family. Recently, Mr. Greca’s first-born son, Mike took on exceptional responsibility for expanding Ascot’s presence in both the African and Middle-Eastern markets over the last two decades.
A true visionary, Mr. Greca continues to lead and serve the company in spirit which is now run by an enthusiastic new generation eager to uphold his original ideas.