Mobile & Fixed DGS for Emergency

Ascot Industrial proposes a complete portfolio of Mobile and Fixed Generators for Emergency applications. Belong to this sector, generators realized for Electric Companies, Mass Event, Civil and Security Departments, Rental Sectors, etc.
The emergency power generators are designed to power utilities (ie. factories, buildings, hospital, mall etc.) in case of high demand, power cuts of the National Grid or to be used in conjunction with the National Grid in peak shaving, supplying energy up to 2,5 MW (in dual mode). Parallelable up to 40 MW. APPLICATION SCENARIOS: ISLAND MODE, STAND-BY TO THE MAINS, PARALLEL GENSETS, PEAK SHAVING FUNCTION

POWER RANGE: 25 - 1800 kVA - FREQUENCY: Hz 50/60 - LOW VOLTAGE: 480/277, 400/230 , 220/127 - MEDIUM VOLTAGE: kV 3,3÷6,6 - 11÷13,8 - 20 (with or without step-up transformer) - RATED AT POWER FACTOR: 0,8 Cos phi