AC Generators for Emergency application

Case study: Emergency AC Mobile Generator for Utilities Company


Ascot specializes in the production of mobile AC generators specifically developed for emergency applications.


These are energy solutions designed to effectively power:


  • Utilities (factories, hospitals, shopping centers, etc.);
  • Large mass events and public concerts;
  • Civil and Security Departments;
  • Retail sector;
  • Public energy distribution;


Our emergency power generators are intended for State Electricity Companies. They guarantee energy continuity even in situations where the availability of electrical energy is critical. For example, in case of high energy demand, National Grid power feed rejection, short circuits, faults, or power outages due to natural and non-natural events.


Our range for emergency applications includes AC Generators of various powers, studied in detail to make a difference.


In which situations the AC mobile energy generator has been used


Recently, Ascot provided the mobile AC generator to a National Authority for the management of electrical energy in Saudi Arabia.


Our power generator is used as a power source in situations of scheduled lack of electrical energy. For example, in the phases of scheduled maintenance. In these cases, the AC generator is connected to the cabin on which it intervenes. It guarantees hours of continuous energy even in the absence of the public network, without blocks and interruptions.


In addition, our solution proves to be very useful in emergencies, i.e., when electrical energy suddenly fails due to faults on the national electrical network in the country, or simply for maintenance of the same.


Features of the emergency AC mobile generator


The Ascot emergency AC mobile generator has a frequency of 50/60 Hz and an integrated fuel tank of 2x1500L.


It is designed with:


  • soundproof and weather-resistant canopy;
  • motorized voltage switch;
  • motorized cable reel;
  • two-axle road trailer;


Furthermore, it is developed with an integrated Ascot IoT Suite Platform. It is a digital hub platform that leverages IoT to provide significant benefits. Not only does it save on operational costs and increase safety, but it also simplifies operations and allows for a significant increase in innovative services.


A real 5G digital energy revolution that Ascot integrates into its generators to facilitate the transition to network-level energy efficiency.


Customized power solutions for the emergency AC generator based on needs


Ascot Industrial offers a complete range of generators for emergency applications.


These are power generators ready to be moved wherever needed and developed with customized power solutions based on needs: from 25 kVA up to 1800 kVA (50/60 Hz), parallelizable up to 40 MW. These can also be used in combination with the National Grid in Peak Shaving (providing up to 2.5 MW of energy, in dual mode).


The main application scenarios of Ascot's emergency AC generators:


  • Island Mode: the unit is used to directly power the load
  • Stand-by to the grid: the generator is used in emergency operating mode with an external ATS system
  • Parallel groups: when the energy demand is high, multiple modules are inserted in parallel. The individual powers of the power generators are combined to have a wider total power (with automatic start-stop)
  • Peak Shaving function: the Power Generator is connected to the grid to provide the necessary power to cover the unavailable demand peaks from the grid


Ascot's proposals for the emergency AC mobile generator are:

  • ultra-light AC generator for Pick-up

  • medium AC generator for trucks

  • 3 different AC generators for semi-trailers 


Ultra-light AC generator for Pick-up


The Ascot ultra-light AC generator is designed to be installed on a pick-up.


It has a power of 25-35 kVA, frequency of 50/60 Hz and is equipped with:


  • Double voltage switch
  • Air-cooled diesel engine
  • Integrated 50-liter fuel tank
  • Ultralight aluminum casing (only 670 kg) and Soundproof.


In addition, it is equipped with a soundproof and weather-resistant cover and an autostart control panel with an integrated switch.


Medium-sized AC generator for trucks


The medium-sized AC generator from Ascot has a power of 250-375 kVA, frequency of 50/60 Hz and is equipped with:

  • Double voltage switch
  • Water-cooled diesel engine
  • Control panel with automatic start
  • Voltage switch
  • 500-hour maintenance interval


Furthermore, it is equipped with a soundproof and weather-resistant canopy and has a 1-year warranty with 2000 hours of operation.


AC generator for semi-trailers


Ascot produces 3 different AC generators for semi-trailers, which differ in the power solution provided:



All models are equipped with a double voltage switch and water-cooled diesel engine. Additionally, they are equipped with a soundproofed canopy and motorized cable reel.


All Ascot AC generators for emergency applications are of a superior level and cannot be compared to other standard products.


For more information and specifications, please contact our team.