UL Certified Hybrid Generators for the USA

UL-certified hybrid generators for the US market


When designing Ascot hybrid generators for the US market, we pay close attention to UL (USA) certification.


The acronym UL refers to Underwriters Laboratories, an independent safety certification organisation based in Northbrook, Illinois, which works in several policy areas.


It tests, evaluates and certifies products to develop rigorous standards and ensure their compliance with regulations, working worldwide to promote public safety.


Underwriters Laboratories is internationally recognised as a leader in product safety assessment.


For us at Ascot, being UL-certified means guaranteeing products that, by passing the numerous required tests, prove their compliance with the standards


It also testifies to our commitment to technical development and our company's responsibility towards the highest quality of exported products.


What is UL Certification and why is it important


UL certification is one of the most important product approvals, but also a mandatory requirement for marketing in the North American market.

It certifies the conformity of electrical and electronic items with standards or essential safety requirements.


To obtain certification, the product must pass these tests, demonstrating that it meets all US safety requirements and standards.


The process first involves the general regulatory framework of the product. After that, it proceeds with a preliminary technical analysis to assess whether the design level complies with the requirements. Finally, there is the actual certification.


This is granted after a rigorous process of extensive testing to which representative samples of the product are subjected to assess various risk possibilities, including:


  • Mechanical hazards
  • Fire/explosion hazards
  • Electric shock hazards
  • Compliance with OSHA regulations
  • Environmental Risks


There are several UL brands, here are what they are:


  • UL Listing, used for finished products
  • UL Recognised Component, for components and unfinished products
  • UL Classification Mark, used for specific properties and conditions of use
  • UL Functional Safety, the mark for functional safety of control systems and software


The UL Mark on a product thus testifies to the manufacturer's compliance with the applicable safety standards. It is a universally recognised symbol of trust and safety: more than 65,000 manufacturershave turned to UL for product certification.


The advantages of UL-certified hybrid generators


UL certification is particularly important for hybrid generators because these systems use multiple energy sources.


This means that there is a potential risk of fire, explosion or other safety problems if the generator is not properly designed and constructed.


UL-certified hybrid generators offer numerous advantages, including:


  • Safety guarantee: UL-certified hybrid generators have been tested and evaluated to ensure that they are safe to use
  • Faster export: UL-certified hybrid generators ensure a faster approval procedure for machines in the new market and easier export and commissioning
  • Reduction of inspections: UL-certified hybrid generators reduce the possibility of additional inspections, tests or checks by local authorities
  • Guarantee of product quality and reliability


Ascot's UL-certified hybrid generators for the US market


At Ascot, we provide UL-certified hybrid solutions for the US market.


This ensures that our customers can count on certified, safe and standards-compliant systems, but also have faster access to the US market.


In fact, UL certification is in high demand in the US and is widely accepted and recognised by consumers, regulators and insurance companies.


Hence, the UL mark allows important time savings, as it protects and limits possible and complex inspections by the relevant authorities.


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