Ascot Industrial's business year 2023

Ascot Industrial's business year 2023


We have come to the end of 2023 and it is time to take stock of what has been Ascot's company year and the new challenges and prospects for the near future. 


For our company, 2023 once again proved to be an important year, full of successes and achievements, ofprojects completed with enormous success, of world events in which we played a leading role, and of awards received, demonstrating the commitment we put into our work and the quality and professionalism we bring to the energy sector.


Ascot's business year 2023 between growth, innovation and development


Also in 2023, we have realized many 100% tailor-made projects and installed different energy needsfor our customers around the world.


For example, to name but a few:


  1. The hybrid solution to power a landslide control and monitoring system in Alaska, able to withstand the very low temperatures typical of this state and capable of operating in a very remote and OFF-GRID area.


2.              The generator for a data center located on the roof of a 25-meter high building in the Maldives: a tailor-made energy solution to meet the customer's requirements in terms of space and noise.


3.              The environmentally friendly scalable hybrid power solution (HPS: Hybrid Power System), designed specifically for TowerCos and ESCOs to efficiently power the telecommunications site 24/7 with lower OPEX than generator operation.


4.              Another important project was in Tanzania, where we were called in to work on a special system for a data centre with the aim of eliminating any point of failure of power and reducing the noise of the existing generators.


Tailor-made projects, internationalization, and a commitment to sustainability and innovation have earned us numerous prestigious awards during 2023.


First, this year Ascot was again recognized and rewarded with inclusion in the Export Champions 2023 classification. In addition, we received a prestigious award at the CEOforLIFE Awards 2023, on the 'Innovation' award day. Finally, thanks to our policy of promoting women's empowerment, we were awarded the 'Women Value Company 2023', dedicated to companies that promote and value gender equality at work.


The energy trade fairs in which we took part in 2023 were also crucial moments in our growth and in strengthening our presence in the world: from Dubai to Orlando, there were 9 major trade fairs in which we participated and in which we were leaders and protagonists.

Find out more about the World Energy Fairs 2023 in which we took part!


Ascot's new challenges and prospects for 2024


Proud to be enablers of the ecological transition demanded not only by the European Union, but throughout the rest of the world, 2024 will see us again at the forefront not only in promoting a world fully powered by clean and renewable energy, but also in the challenge of becoming a Net Zero Company.


In addition, we will continue our internationalization path, to continue bringing our energy solutions to the most remote places on the planet, but also to be ever closer to our customers and partners around the world. 


Finally, in the immediate future, we will continue to focus on innovation and technology as core values in the development of all our energy solutions and as a necessary drive to meet global energy challenges. 


We are grateful to our customers for the trust they have shown in us throughout the year, which has enabled us to achieve increasingly important goals.


We inform you that Ascot will be closed exclusively on 26, 27, 28 and 29 December 2023.


We wish everyone happy holidays!


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