Case Study: Ascot modular and scalable hybrid system for TowerCos and ESCOs

Case Study: Ascot modular and scalable hybrid system for TowerCos and ESCOs


Ascot presents Hybrid Power System (HPS), a green scalable power solution specifically designed for TowerCos and ESCOs.


It is a complete hybrid power solution, consisting of an HPC (Hybrid Power Core) combined with one or more H-Ess (Energy Storage System).


The system is designed to efficiently power the telecommunications site 24/7 with lower OPEX than generator operation.


The features of the modular and scalable Ascot hybrid system


The Ascot HPS is fully flexible to meet the different requirements of the telecommunications sector and to meet the scalability needs of tenants.


The output can be connected to an existing distribution panel to easily connect up to four 3kW tenants.


The main technology allows the DC Generator to run only a few hours per day to power the load. At the same time, it stores energy in the Energy Storage System (ESS) from 1000ah scalable up to 3000ah, consisting of Lithium batteries.


When the batteries are fully charged, the motor shuts down and the batteries continue to supply the load. Once the battery bank reaches the set DOD (depth of discharge), the DC generator starts up and returns to operation.


The DC generator and energy storage systems (ESS) are controlled and managed by Ascot's brain, the IHM-core (Intelligent Hybrid Module) embedded in the HPC.


This is the integrated hybrid control logic that represents the CORE of our company's hybrid power solutions: a 100% Ascot electronic device that allows the management of all components, including any connected renewable energy.


The Hybrid Power System (HPS) is also equipped with an integrated IoT system that guarantees real-time monitoring of expected performance.


For which cases the modular and scalable hybrid system Ascot was applied


Ascot's Hybrid Power System (HPS) is the leading technology for all telecom needs worldwide.


A solution that allows us to provide power service to TowerCos and ESCOs that need modular and scalable systems.


This, without the need to change the entire core infrastructure.


The advantages of Ascot's modular and scalable HPS hybrid system


The Ascot Hybrid Power System (HPS) is a proven power solution of the highest quality that guarantees savings in terms of:


  • fuel consumption;
  • maintenance intervals;
  • hours of operation; 
  • operating costs;


It is a modular and scalable solution that raises the bar for the telecommunications industry and provides new value to Tower Co and ESCOs.


It allows new Tenants to be added, without the need to change the main infrastructure, but simply by adding battery banks.


This ensures greater operational and maintenance efficiency for Telecom Tower owners.


The Ascot Hybrid Power System (HPS) represents one of the best performing hybrid power solutions in the telecommunications industry.


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