Ascot Towards a More Sustainable Future: Energy Projects for 2023

Ascot committed towards a more sustainable future: a commitment to our customers, employees and partners


Ascot has always been committed to helping humanity generate energy while respecting the environment.


Ascot's climate transition began as early as 2007, when we have created the first hybrid in the telecommunications world. This has led us to be the first in the energy sector to take the path towards reducing CO2 emissions.


We believe that a world totally powered by clean and renewable energy is possible. Also, this year 2022, our commitment went in this direction.


A responsibility towards a more sustainable future that we pursued through continuous research and development of:


  • Renewable energy systems
  • Hybrid technologies with a green approach
  • Energy solutions integrated with green energy


We are a company enabling the ecological transition required by the European Union. We design innovative solutions already in line with the 2030-2050 Sustainable Development Goals which guarantee:


  • Less use of fossil fuels
  • Greater use of renewable energy
  • Energy efficiency
  • Carbon neutrality
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions and greenhouse gas emissions


An effort towards total sustainability that involves not only our products, but the entire Ascot ecosystem.



Ascot: the Net Zero company by 2050: all objectives


One of our primary goals is to make Ascot a Net Zero Company by 2050. Conscious that climate change is an urgent matter, we aim to concretely reduce carbon emissions.


We have a sustainability strategy that takes shape on several fronts:


  • Decarbonize our processes and supply chain
  • Promoting smarter, greener and more flexible energy
  • Support to employees, customers and suppliers to guide them towards long-term carbon neutrality



Monitoring of greenhouse gas emissions in all plants of the Ascot factory


All Ascot Factory plants are subject to monitoring of climate-changing gas emissions (greenhouse gases).


The aim is a progressive reduction of net emissions in every company area:


  • Direct emissions from plants
  • Indirect emissions from the production of purchased energy
  • Indirect emissions of raw materials
  • Indirect emissions for transport and distribution


We are fully in line with the commitments set out in the Paris Agreement, to limit the rise in global temperature to no more than 1.5°C. Only in this way will it be possible to limit the risks and impacts of climate change.



Photovoltaic systems for the company's energy needs


Always with a view to sustainable development, we have focused on photovoltaics combined with our energy solutions.


A system that is based on the use of renewable sources for efficiency, autonomy and corporate energy independence. Not only that: thanks to photovoltaic systems we make a further contribution to sustainability.


This is because the energy’s production takes place without greenhouse gas and CO2 emissions and with the total absence of production waste.



Pioneers of the hybrid and sustainability goals


For us at Ascot, sustainability stands for the present, not the future: we were the first in the world to install a Hybrid System Generator.


We did so in 2007 in Sudan, with the first Hybrid Power Unit for the telecommunications market.


This experience in the hybrid world allows us to guarantee tested and proven products for 15 years compared to any other company in the sector.


Especially with the Hybrid Powered and Eco Powered ranges we ensure energy solutions already in line with the SDGs objectives of 2030 and 2050, with:


  • the least possible use of fuel
  • a minimized environmental impact
  • a promotion of renewable energies


Our commitment to environmental sustainability is a path that we have already started for some time and that we continue to improve day by day.



Reduction of paper documents and their progressive digitization


In this year we have often talked about Digital Energy. Above all, in reference to the Partnership signed in 2022 with IoT Catalyst. The goal is the development of a PaaS platform that will transform our generators into Technology Hubs thanks to the IoT.


However, our commitment to digital also passes through internal company processes. We are working to move from paper documents to a more efficient document digitization.


A project that will not only improve work in the Company but will also be good for the Earth. In fact, with digitization we will reduce paper waste, therefore deforestation and waste disposal.



Participation in initiatives and tree planting to fight deforestation


Ascot's responsibility towards a more sustainable future does not pass only through internal company projects.


Following the plan established at the G20 summit in Rome, we are planning for the near future to actively participate in tree planting initiatives to combat deforestation.


By absorbing CO2, plants reduce the greenhouse effect.


Consequently, restoring that part of the 'green lung' that our planet has already lost for us is essential to combat climate change. A small gesture to safeguard the world we live in that we can't wait to make.


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