Best Technology Partner in the Green Energy Sector

Ascot: the best technology partner in the Green Energy sector worldwide


Customers who turn to Ascot have the certainty of being able to count on a trusted energy partnerpresent 24 hours a day, seven days a week and recognized globally for excellence in the sector.


Ascot has been operating in the energy sector for almost 40 years, developing and distributing worldwide state-of-the-art, customizable energy solutions and new premium products to meet all application needs.


This long experience, combined with our technological capacity, vocation for innovation and aptitude for sustainability, has enabled us to achieve and consolidate our role as a consultant in the energy sector and technology partner for our customers.


This is an important and prestigious role, which leads us to provide a customized response to each unique energy need, constantly investing in research and development, providing timely consultancy, assistance and support services, and guaranteeing specialized and timely maintenance. 


Our mission is to help customers implement solutions that are more efficient in terms of performance, safety and innovation, with simple, scalable and advanced systems that reduce emissions, consumption and operating costs, and that offer an opportunity for growth and progress and accelerate the energy transition.


Customers who turn to Ascot are assured of a trusted energy partner that is present 24 hours a day, seven days a week and recognized worldwide as an industry excellence.


The aspects by which we distinguish ourselves as a technology partner in the energy sector are:



Ascot's presence in the world as security


Ascot operates internationally, with an established presence in more than 60 countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Latin America and the United States.


This is a defined and structured internationalization path, developed over the years through effective medium and long-term planning.


We started with an initial phase of analysis and feasibility study, to create a sustainable and concrete global market insertion strategy. 


We then moved on to an exploration phase, firstly of a few key markets, to identify the areas of greatest potential, and then expanding into secondary but equally crucial markets full of promising opportunities.


We operated directly in the field, traveling and moving around in the various countries, so as not only to fully understand the business practices of the various territories, the existing distribution networks and the different economic policies, but also to understand the local cultures and the real requirements, shortcomings and needs.


At the same time, we started a process of adapting and customizing our energy solutions to suit the specifications of foreign markets by implementing all the necessary certifications in order to comply with international trade regulations.


In addition, we have established strategic partnerships and opened service and support departmentsand centers located in target markets, creating a global network.


Finally, we have invested in staff training to ensure effective management of international operations.


A worldwide vision and presence, which we constantly update by participating in the most important trade fairs in the sector, makes us highly qualified and prepared to face every energy challenge in different countries and makes us strongly recognized as a leader and reference point in the global energy sector.


The Tailor Made of Ascot Energy Solutions


Another feature that makes Ascot the best technology partner in the energy sector is our Tailor-Made solutions.


The ability to customize and tailor each product to the specific needs of the customer allows us to guarantee tailor-made solutions that meet any application, condition and installation requirements.


Our R&D department, through the Advanced Tailor-Made (Product Invention) process, creates customized premium products and new solutions that do not yet exist, thus ensuring each customer:


  • maximizes energy efficiency
  • concrete results
  • reduced emissions and operating costs
  • excellent performance
  • total safety and reliability


A tailor-made service that always puts the customer's needs at the center and follows all stages of the product's life, from initial consultation through to validation and acceptance.


Ascot focuses on innovation and cutting-edge technology


Another reason why Ascot is a recognized and qualified technology partner worldwide is our ability to promote change and innovation in the energy sector.


The challenges of climate change, together with the growing demand for energy and the need to use alternative sources, make it essential to find new solutions to address the transformation of the global energy system. 


At Ascot, we continuously invest in innovation and cutting-edge technology to improve energy resource management, reduce emissions, optimize energy efficiency and promote the use of renewable energy.


First of all, we focus on Digital Energy, to turn our generators into Technology Hubs thanks to IoT and to foster the development of smart grids, intelligent networks that enable more flexible and efficient energy management. 


Then, we work to generate new special and cutting-edge functionalities to be implemented in our energy solutions, such as hybrid control logic (for managing all components of our machines) or remote control (real-time web-based remote management system of energy sources).


In addition, we are constantly looking to the future by focusing our efforts on the development of new generators with hydrogen or hydrogen/diesel hybrid engines, graphene batteries (a major innovation in the field of energy efficiency) and new types of fuel.


We have a futuristic vision of integrating artificial intelligence with the IoT system to make our generators even 'smarter' and achieve total energy efficiency.


Sustainability promoters and hybrid pioneers


Ascot has always been committed to environmental sustainability. 


This is why, in 2007, we were the first in the world to install a Hybrid System Generator. Since then, we have been actively working to develop energy solutions that are increasingly sustainable and in line with the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals 2030-2050 set by the EU).


We are committed to fostering a more sustainable future through the adoption of renewable energy systems and hybrid technologies with a green approach in all parts of the globe, including remote areas and less developed countries.


This allows companies that rely on us to have energy solutions that guarantee:


  • Less use of fossil fuels
  • Increased use of renewable energy
  • Energy efficiency
  • Carbon neutrality
  • Reduced CO2 emissions 


Furthermore, as pioneers of the hybrid system, we have been supplying tried and tested products for 15 years, a further seal of the quality and excellence of the Ascot brand around the world.

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