Learn about Ascot's special project in Tanzania

Case Study: Ascot's special project in Tanzania to increase energy efficiency and reduce noise in data centers


Ascot is recognised worldwide as a Leading Company in the energy sector. 


One of the characteristics that have enabled us to become a solid and reliable technology partner is our ability to design customized solutions that meet each specific energy need.


In fact, our first goal is to listen, understand and respond concretely to our customers' needs, then create a 100% tailor-made product.


We did this in Tanzania, where we were called in to work on a special project for a data center with the objective of 


  • eliminate any point of failure of the power
  • reduce noise from existing generators


Customer requirement: eliminate Point of Failure and reduce generator noise  


When we arrived in Tanzania to carry out a customized project for a Data Center, we first of all analyzed and studied the dual problem of the solution previously installed and in use.


Firstly, the vulnerability of the system, whose power was distributed by 5 Generators that often had problems with malfunctioning of the Distribution Switchboard, ATS or Transformer.

When this occurred, the system could not bypass the malfunction, causing the entire power line to be interrupted.


The second problem encountered was the noise of the Generators present. Being located in a residential area, the excessive noise of the Data Center in operation was a serious problem for the residents of the area.


In order to meet this demand with a solution that solved both problems, a special customized design had to be developed.


Ascot's solution: 2 MW supersilent generators


The solution that Ascot implemented for this Data Center in Tanzania was to develop 2 MW generators working in Dual.


This allowed us to avoid any Point of Failure: in the event of a failure on one power line, we could easilyswitch to the other, without interrupting the entire system, as was previously the case. 


To solve the noise problem, we developed a Supersilent solution, achieving a noise emission level of 60 dba @1m, suitable for data centers in residential areas.


Dual-Mode: How Ascot Optimised Data Centre Power Supply


The power supply is an essential element in data centers: the slightest interruption of power risks serious consequences and enormous economic losses. It is therefore necessary to rely on a reliable system to maintain maximum efficiency and security.


At Ascot, we have therefore developed a special solution that ensures power continuity even in the most critical situations, thanks to the 'Dual Mode' system. This is a system that combines mains power, when available, with power from generators in the event of power failures.


Our system automatically detects the presence or absence of energy and decides which source to use to power the Data Centre: when a fault or blackout occurs, it switches to the other line, ensuring a continuous supply of energy without interruption.


The advantages of this solution, which we have installed in a data center in Tanzania, are considerable: 


  • it ensures greater power supply reliability
  • it eliminates any kind of interruption to the data center's services
  • ensures constant accessibility to all data 
  • reduces energy and operating costs
  • reduces the emission of harmful gasses 
  • ensures uptime of over 99.9%


Dual Mode designed by Ascot to power Data Centres represents a significant innovation in the energy sector to improve system performance.


Ultra silent generators for residential areas


One of the most common problems with data centers in residential areas is the noise and noise pollution they generate.


To effectively solve this problem, at Ascot we have ultra silent generators, specially designed to minimize the noise produced during power generation.


Ascot's ultra silent generators have a 65dB(A) ± 3dB @ 1m weatherproof and acoustic enclosure with IP44 protection.


This allows residents to enjoy a quieter environment without being disturbed by the noise of the generators.


In addition to being silent, our ultra silent generators have the ability to: 


  • start up quickly
  • maintain steady-state power output within relatively narrow limits
  • respond quickly to load transients


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