The Characteristics of an Energy Storage System for Small Business

The Characteristics of an Energy Storage System for Small Business


Energy Storage Systems (ESS) are energy storage systems that allow the storing of electricity produced from renewable sources in batteries or other storage devices. The stored energy is withdrawn from the batteries and used when needed, such as during peak consumption periods, when there is insufficient available energy, or in case of grid failures. Energy Storage Systems enable stabilizing the grid and creating a more efficient and flexible energy infrastructure.


They have become increasingly popular amongst small businesses because they allow:


1. Decreasing energy costs

2. Reducing dependency on fossil fuel energy sources

3. Ensuring energy continuity

4. Cutting consumption

5. Adopting intelligent systems oriented towards innovation


Furthermore, they represent the key to adding value to green energy. They are a fundamental component of the energy transition and decarbonization of the European Union, as they positively impact the environment and promote the utilization of renewable sources.


What are Ascot's Energy Storage Systems and their characteristics


To enable small businesses to store electricity from renewable sources and achieve energy continuity, security, and fuel savings, Ascot has developed two different Energy Storage solutions:



  1. Eco Power Box 
  2. Hybrid Solar Power System


Eco Power Box


The Eco-Power Box (EPB) is an innovative clean energy storage system designed to provide:


1. Stability and continuity of power supply

2. Fuel savings (up to 100%)

3. Optimization of energy and operational costs


It can be combined with either a direct current or alternating current generator or with photovoltaic panels. It features integrated deep-cycle batteries associated with a controller that manages sources and inputs for solar charge regulators to recharge the batteries from a photovoltaic installation.


The EPB can be used in OFF-GRID, BAD-GRID, and ON-GRID areas to reduce, eliminate, or replace the operating hours of an existing diesel generator, ensuring 24-hour power supply. Moreover, it is a clean and ecological product, already in line with the Sustainable Development Goals 2030-2050 named by the EU.


The Ascot Eco-Power Box (EPB) is available in models ranging from 6KW to 90 KW, associated with average loads from 3 to 45 KW, powered by photovoltaic fields from 3 to 90 KWp with storage capacity from 5 to 150 KWH.


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Hybrid Solar Power System


The Hybrid Solar Power System (HSPS) is an innovative hybrid technology that allows small businesses to harness renewable sources to produce clean and reliable energy.


This solution relies exclusively on the energy generated by PV Panels, which is stored in batteries, thus reducing the operating hours of a diesel generator to zero (which becomes an emergency source in Stand-by mode) and exclusively generating energy from the sun for the following 24 hours.


It comprises:


1. A photovoltaic system sized according to the load requirements

2. SCC systems (Solar Charger Controllers) that enable DC energy to be stored in batteries

3. HPP power modules (Hybrid Power Modules) that store solar energy and then make it available to the load in AC current


Ascot's Hybrid Solar Power System (HSPS) is ideal for OFF-GRID applications, where there is no access to the grid, and energy is typically generated 24/7 by traditional diesel generators with high operating costs (OPEX). It ensures service continuity, grid stability, up to 100% emission reduction, operational cost reduction, and a decrease (even to zero) in fuel consumption.


The Ascot Hybrid Solar Power System is available in solutions ranging from 60 to 344 kW (up to 344 kWh), with power being studied, designed, and packaged with the entire Ascot team before implementation. It is an Ascot hybrid technology in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that accelerates the energy transition and ensures CO2 emission reduction.


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How Ascot's Energy Storage Systems suit small businesses


The energy transition and new technologies have driven businesses, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, to move towards new energy systems capable of efficiently and sustainably generating the required energy.


In this context, Ascot's Energy Storage Systems represent an effective solution for small businesses to have reliable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly energy supply.


First and foremost, they combine efficiency and performance to enhance energy output, ensure grid stability, and reduce the reliance on fossil fuels.


Thanks to these solutions, small and medium-sized enterprises become less dependent on the electrical grid and increase self-consumption, accessing energy whenever needed and ensuring green energy continuity 24/7.


Secondly, they enable businesses to reduce energy costs. By utilizing stored energy during peak hours when electricity prices are higher, companies can save on their energy bills.


Finally, Ascot's Energy Storage Systems reduce CO2 emissions and produce clean energy, presenting an opportunity for businesses to become more environmentally sustainable.


Examples of Energy Storage System (ESS) applications for small businesses 


Ascot's Energy Storage Systems serve as an effective energy storage solution for various applications:


1. In the residential sector, providing a sustainable electricity source for a cluster of villas. The use of ESS allows for generating and storing energy from renewable sources, reducing dependency on the traditional grid and avoiding the use of a generator, which could reach up to 500 kW.


2. Within commercial centers, hospitals, factories, etc., these systems offer an efficient and eco-friendly solution to ensure continuous and reliable energy supply for high-energy-intensive facilities, optimizing resource utilization.


3. Ascot's ESS also stands as the best energy storage solution for all buildings located in Off-Grid areas. In such cases, continuous energy supply requires the integration of solar panels (or wind turbines) and a backup generator. The solar panels, connected to the system, ensure energy delivery without the need for a public grid connection. The generator comes into operation only if the batteries fail to provide the necessary energy.


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