AC versus DC Telecom Generators

AC versus DC Telecom Generators

At first sight a DC Genset looks like an AC Genset as it is similar in engine, maintenance schedule, spare parts and dimension while the main real difference is in the output power.
A DC Genset generates continuous -48 Vdc power, is ready to be used by telecom equipment or directly stored into the back up or deep cycle batteries.

What is better in a DC Genset ?
•    Redundancy: In on-grid scenario the rectifier directly charges the batteries from the grid (AC power) or from a traditional DGS (also in AC power). In case the rectifier breaks it is no longer able to charge the batteries and therefore give direct current to the tower. With a DC generator it is possible instead to directly charge the batteries or give DC power to the telecom tower even if the rectifier is not working.
•    Fuel Savings: Running at variable speed, the engine can supply the same power as AC-DGS while saving fuel.
•    Increase the Power Output Capacity: A DC-DGS, compared with an AC-DGS fitted with the same engine, can provide higher output power because it can run at higher speed.
•    Dimensions and Weight reduction: DC-DGS are more compact and lighter compared to the same capacity AC-DGS.
•    No need for Rectifiers installed at site: The End Customer does not need to buy Rectifier + Cabinet + Cooling for Cabinet (Capex Reduction) that is also one less point of failure.
•    No need for External Logic for Battery Management: Ascot DC-DGS include in its control card the option of “Hybrid System Management Logic” that allows recharging of any type of batteries as per the manufacturer indications.
•    Complexity Reduction: Less functional parts involved, no need for interoperability tests between Diesel Generator / Rectifier / control Logic
•    Equivalent Cost and Installation costs Reduction: No need for electrical and logical connections between rectifier / diesel generator /control logic.
•    No System Power Theft: Common utilities are AC.
•    No need for Special Training for Technician: Technicians do not need training for transition from DC-DGS to AC-DGS

DC distribution systems are a promising alternative to existing AC distribution systems. They connect customers to local energy sources without conversion, thus reducing power losses. However, the unique features of DC impose strict requirements for system operation compared to AC.

Ascot Industrial proposes a complete portfolio of DC Generators (7-35 kW), 100% Made in Italy, designed to provide reliable energy as they can be used as back-up power source or as core product to hybridize energy production. These products can provide huge savings in terms of fuel consumption and engine running hours compared with the traditional AC generating sets running 24/7, due to their variable speed engines.
Moreover, this range of products manages DC/AC inputs (Solar/Wind/Grid) without modifications, eliminating the need for an external ATS.
The DC Generators at different power and voltages are designed to power remote and
Off-Grid location for different industries:
-    Oil & Gas, requires 24 Vdc Generators to power and command the uncontrolled motorized valves spread out along the oil pipeline;
-    Agriculture, requires 24 Vdc Generators for irrigation and drainage systems;
-    Railways, requires 12 Vdc Generators to power and control the remote signals spread out along the rail;
-    Telecom, requires – 48 Vdc Generators to power off grid BTS located in isolated areas.

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