Ascot in Sudan to promote renewables and smart energy systems

Ascot in Sudan to promote renewables and smart energy systems in telecommunications.

Ascot has presented a large range of innovative power solutions at the workshop hosted this week by the Sudatel Group.
Sudatel Group, in fact, conceived the workshop for finding innovative energy solutions for the telecommunications industry in Sudan.
Among many scientific proposals and practical solutions, Ascot showed its history in Sudan, began back in 2003 thanks to various Telecom, EPC & Water treatment projects.

Ascot then presented n. 4 case studies, about the new Smart Energy Solutions for Telecommunication:
1) The Ascot Lithium Hybrid
2) Ascot Hybrids for harsh, desert and Remote Areas
3) Hybrid Power Systems & Solar for Remote Sites
4) The Ascot IoT Platform for a greater connectivity

Visit all Ascot Power Solutions (Here)

What Ascot learned in Telecom has then been applied in Other Sectors, minimizing or reducing to ZERO the running hours of the Diesel Generators (even in OFF-GRID Locations).
Smart Energy for Other Sectors:
1) Solar & LPG-NG Hybrids for Residential Areas
2) Super silent Hybrids for Ultra saline Environments
3) Full-Green Energy for Villas and Resorts. Energy Autonomy, Security, Savings & Control.
4) Hybridizing Off-Grid Banks for Fuel Independency
5) All-in-One Energy Hybridizing Packages
6) Hybrid & Solar Power Plants

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