Backstage of the Ascot Group

Team Ascot: young, innovative and at the forefront of industry


One of the reasons why Ascot has become a world-renowned brand of excellence in the energy sector, in addition to its experience, multi-sectoral know-how and capacity for innovation, is the strength of the group.   


The team working for Ascot is young, dynamic and motivated: it has around 80 employees with an average age of under 40, each with specific skills.


It is a solid, well-structured group that works together effectively to meet daily challenges and achieve extraordinary results, exceeding expectations towards ever more ambitious goals, in a positive working environment that encourages active participation, growth and professionalism.


The story of Ascot


Founded in Gela in 1986 by Luigi Greca and currently managed by his son, Michele Greca, Ascot has always operated with a major objective: to bring energy everywhere to help the world develop technologically, sustainably and equitably.


In almost 40 years, Ascot has specialized in the production of generator sets (diesel, LPG and natural gas), hybrid power solutions for various sectors and special and customized generators, with the utmost attention to eco-sustainability. 


A story that began in Italy and rapidly developed around the world, in a drive towards internationalization that led the company, towards the end of the 1990s, to open service centers in Milan, New York and Baghdad, and then to create new divisions and branches in every part of the globe.


Internationalization, but also innovation and the desire to play a leading role in the energy transition and the growth of energy efficiency worldwide. 


Hence, the opening in 2016 of Ascot Technologies, in Milan: a department that deals with R&D projectsand designs premium products, special solutions and innovative systems for strategic markets, such as Defence, TLC, Medical, Civil and Industrial.


Between 2022 and 2023, Ascot further expanded its global presence, first by founding a new subsidiary in Dubai (Ascot Dubai Branch) and then by setting up the Ascot Representative Office in Houston.


Ascot: a young and dynamic team

The growth that has enabled us to take Ascot products to 59 countries around the world (Middle East, Africa, Asia, Latin America, USA, Canada and Europe), to pioneer the world of hybrids and to be recognized as a leader in the development of innovative and tailor-made energy solutions is largely due to the work of our Team. 


It is a young and dynamic group, where new ideas, openness to change and an innovative and proactive perspective make the difference in today's competitive market.


The Ascot Team is made up of qualified professionals expertly placed in the strategic areas of our business.


Ascot's technical department


We have a technical department with Italian engineers and industrial draftsman who work every day to configure our gensets in a way that is extremely adherent to our customers' needs, the requirements of use, and the location where they are to be installed.


We can count on a proven assembly line with 30 years of experience and highly specialized personnel to guarantee the highest quality, speed and efficiency of Ascot production.


In-house marketing department


We have experienced and well-trained employees who manage our in-house marketing department with the utmost professionalism and care, and we have formed a sales team that guarantees a customer experience of absolute value.


Centralized Service Centre in Italy


In order to provide immediate and timely answers, Ascot has also created a Centralized Service Center in Italy, managed by qualified and certified technicians, who coordinate the many Ascot Service Centers located around the world, with specialized teams on site.


Ascot Research and Development


Ascot's flagship is the constant drive for research and development to find the most efficient energy solutions in terms of performance, sustainability, reliability and longevity.


Through our R&D department, we develop new and off-the-shelf products and innovative, customized power solutions through the Advanced Tailor-Made and/or Product Invention process.


This approach allows us to be at the forefront when it comes to innovation and ecological transition, and to work concretely for a more sustainable future for our country.


Ascot's other dedicated teams


In order to consolidate and develop our presence in Africa, America and the Middle East and to ensure a close presence to customers and partners, we have selected dedicated teams that lead the Ascot Dubai Branch and the Ascot Representative Office in Houston with great success. 


Our Team's work in recent years has been strongly focused on developing new solutions to generate intelligent and sustainable power through renewable energy powered generators to achieve fuel savings of up to 100% and zero CO2 emissions.


An important effort that recently earned Ascot a prestigious award at the CEOforLIFE Awards 2023, at the 'Innovation' awards day. 


The strength of Team Ascot is also its ability to enhance female talent and promote a totally inclusive working environment: in fact, the female component in the company is 35%, with women holdingleadership positions.


Our policy to promote female empowerment has recently been recognized and celebrated: Maria Garofalo (Ascot Industrial's current CEO), Rita Greca (CFO) and Giuliana Greca (HR Manager) were awarded the 'Women Value Company 2023' in Naples on 25 October, dedicated to companies that promote and value gender equality at work.


European Excellence: Made in Europe components


Made in Italy is our prerogative.


All Ascot products and solutions are designed entirely in Italy by Italian engineers and technicians and manufactured using quality natural materials and superior Italian and 100% European components and equipment.


Our mission is to export this quality all over the world, to guarantee access to energy for all and to ensure that each country enjoys technological, innovative and sustainable development, certified by the excellence of our Made in Italy.


Ascot's global presence: an expanding network


For us at Ascot, internationalization is a key component for growth and success in a wider market.


We have built our global presence with a clear and well-planned strategy. 


On the one hand, after in-depth analysis and market research to understand country dynamics and identify business opportunities, we opened new divisions, departments and branches in strategic points around the world, including:


  • Service Centers in Milan, New York and Baghdad, to provide 360° assistance directly on site
  • Ascot Dubai Branch, to develop our presence in Africa and the Middle East 
  • Ascot Representative Office in Houston, to expand our business in America  


On the other hand, we have established strategic partnerships that we actively cultivate in a close relationship of collaboration and trust that allows us to work in synergy to develop innovative solutions, efficient projects and lasting relationships.


Our partners around the world are a major strength of Ascot and a direct testimony to the company values we have built over the years.


Trade Fairs and Events: Ascot in the world


Participation in the world's most important trade fairs in the energy sector is another key part of Ascot's growth strategy. 


These events allow us to meet our customers, both established and potential ones, talk to our partnersand present our products and energy solutions.


It is a unique opportunity to build customer trust, establish lasting relationships and stay up-to-date with global industry news and trends.


For us at Ascot, 2023 was a year full of events in which we played a leading role.


We kicked off in February with the POWERGEN 2023 trade fair in Orlando, the most important global event on energy production around the world, where we learned about new innovations, the latest trends and cutting-edge solutions.


Also in February, we took part in Orlando in the Ara Show™, the American Rental Association's annual trade show for the equipment rental and events industry: a closed and exclusive event attended exclusively by companies personally involved in the equipment rental and events industry. 


In March we flew to Dubai for Middle East Energy, the most important energy fair in the Middle East, and for TowerXchange Meetup Mena 2023, the event dedicated to the global MENA (Middle East and North Africa) telecommunications tower industry.


Ascot was also a protagonist at the OMC Med Energy Conference and Exhibition, the most important Italian event dedicated to the energy industry at 360 degrees, which took place in October in Ravenna.


We will close this 2023 with the already confirmed participation in 3 more important events:


  • AfricaCom 2023, the African continent's largest annual telecommunications and technology event in Africa, 14-16 November 2023 in Cape Town.


  • WETEX and Dubai Solar Show (DSS), the international exhibition dedicated to sustainability and clean energy technologies, taking place in Dubai from 15 to 17 November 2023


  • Enlit Europe 2023, a major event in the energy, energy technology and renewable energy sector, with a focus on the European market, which will be in Paris from 28 to 30 November 2023.


For more information, please contact our team.