Hybrid Power Box Features

Ascot's Hybrid Power Box features: grid continuity and stability in remote areas


Ascot's Hybrid Power Box (HPB) is a hybrid storage system specifically designed for the telecom sector.


It is an innovative energy solution that guarantees stability and continuity of power at telecommunications sites when stable power sources are not available.


In addition, it reduces the operating hours of the genset used as a backup/primary source.


Let's therefore take a closer look at the features and operation of Ascot's H-Power Box.


The operating principle of the H-Power Box


As we have already mentioned, Ascot's Hybrid Power Box is a storage system that combines solar energy and battery storage technology.


It is developed to store clean energy produced by renewable plants in deep-cycle lithium batteries with 80% DoD.


Thanks to this energy storage, the HPB makes energy available whenever it is needed, powering the present load fully automatically.


 Ascot's Hybrid Power Box works:


  • as a backup when the application is On-Grid or Bad-Grid
  • as a backup when the site is Off-Grid and the primary renewable source does not supply sufficient energy
  • as an alternative when it is necessary to reduce the operating hours of the existing genset


Moreover, with up to 48 hours of autonomy, it is also the ideal solution in the event of power failures and outages.


Versatility and uniqueness of the H-Power Box


The Ascot Hybrid Power Box is an innovative 'Plug and Play' hybrid system: it guarantees high performance and immediate use, with no need for complex configuration or installation. 


It is a complete and flexible off-the-shelf solution, combining AC generators with lithium batteries to generate reliable power even in the absence of a mains supply.


The benefits of using the HPB Ascot are manyfold:


  1. First of all, it provides a constant power supply, ensuring 24/7 continuity of service. This guarantee of daily power stability and continuity allows for automatic payback of the investment in a short time.


  1. It also reduces environmental impact, as it uses renewable energy sources instead of fossil fuels.


  1. This makes it a clean and environmentally friendly product with ZERO emissions, which can benefit from ecological savings through the Green Certificate and is already in line with the EU's 2030-2050 Sustainable Development Goals.


Finally, by ensuring a longer life of the existing genset, it allows a reduction in:


  • operating costs
  • maintenance intervals
  • fuel consumption by up to 100%.


Main applications in Telecom sites and modes of operation


The Ascot Hybrid Power Box is an autonomous energy storage system: an environmentally friendly and reliable energy storage solution for telecommunications cell sites in various applications.


First of all, the Ascot HPB can be used as a reserve and backup power source in On-Grid or Bad-Gridsituations.


In these areas, where the grid is available or present but with frequent interruptions, the Ascot Hybrid Power Box stores excess energy when available and then releases it promptly during periods of higher demand or exchanges it with the grid at a lower cost.


Conversely, in off-grid areas where there is no stable electricity grid, the HPB 'takes the place' of the primary source whenever the latter fails to supply energy for 24 hours. It then fully powers the load during 'empty' hours, taking over from the solar when the latter fails to supply enough energy. 

In this way, even at off-grid sites, maximum grid stability and 24-hour service continuity can be guaranteed.


Ascot's Hybrid Power Box is also the best energy alternative for reducing the operating hours of the existing genset. 


An alternative that can be used effectively in emergencies or when generators need to be serviced for maintenance or repair work.


Eco Power Box for civil and industrial use


Among Ascot's dedicated energy storage solutions is the Eco Power Box (EPB), which, compared to the Hybrid Power Box designed for the telecom sector, is developed for civil and small business applications.


It is a clean energy storage system available in models from 6KW to 90 KW that is combined with a power generator or photovoltaic panels. It is an ideal solution for:


  • On-Grid Areas
  • Bad-Grid Areas
  • Off-Grid Areas


The EPB Ascot is a clean and environmentally friendly product that guarantees stability and continuity of power supply, optimized energy and operating costs, reduced emissions and fuel savings of up to 100 per cent.


Learn more with our article: The advantages of the clean energy storage system, the Eco Power Box Ascot


Technology and innovation in the service of efficiency


Ascot's Hybrid Power Box stores energy in deep cycle lithium batteries with 80% DoD.

These innovative batteries represent the future, as they provide longer life, greater autonomy and greater energy efficiency, making them ideal for energy-intensive applications.


In addition, they are maintenance-free, charge quickly and can be used for long periods of time without losing power or efficiency.


Efficiency, but also cutting-edge technology in design.


Ascot's HPB is in fact equipped with:


  • Rectifier, to convert AC alternating current from the primary source (Grid or AC Group)
  • Solar Charger, to connect the system with solar panels
  • Hybrid control logic, to manage all components and all energy sources in real time


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