Hybrid Generators for Telecom Operators

Ascot Hybrid Power System is a complete and flexible solution that allows up to 100% fuel savings (in battery mode), as it combines generators (Hybrid, DC or AC gensets) with PV solar panels, batteries and/or electrical grid (if present), employing the cheapest energy source available in that moment.

Telecommunication companies historically recognise Ascot as a leader in the sector thanks to its innovative products and technologies for generators and for the family of hybrid solutions deployed globally in thirty-eight countries.

The role of the operators is to provide subscribers with an always-on service, grow usage and reduce customer churn. In order to gain more market share than their competitors they need to have a reliable network operating at the lowest possible operating expense.

Subscriber revenue generated by telecom operators has a direct impact on opex. In fact, only with lower expenditure and reliable service can the operator decrease call tariffs, acquire more subscribers and generate more revenue.

The innovative Ascot patented DC-HPU is an integrated “plug & play” power solution designed to supply energy to telecommunication sites using up to 68% less fuel than the current diesel generating sets running 24 hours a day and using up to 99.9% less fuel when integrated with solar solutions.

Our solution easily integrates with PV or wind power so these energy sources can plug and play with our machine. We’re also offering a remote monitoring and control system so our clients can remotely manage the performance of our machines.