Remote Monitoring Hybrid Generators with IoT Ascot

IoT Suite Platform system for precise remote monitoring of hybrid generators


Ascot's IoT Suite Platform is a technology that allows hybrid generators to be managed and monitored remotely.


It is an advanced technological solution that allows essential and indispensable data to be collected from connected generators in an Internet of Things (IoT) environment, analyzed, and extracted for strategic decision-making.


The benefits offered by Ascot's IoT Suite Platform are manyfold:


  • savings and additional revenue streams
  • complete network and site monitoring and control
  • integration of renewable energies 
  • financial and functional reporting 
  • energy optimisation 
  • surveillance and security 
  • predictive maintenance


All this ensures improved operational efficiency, greater visibility and control of generators, and a high level of security.


Let's take a look at the key features of Ascot's IoT Suite Platform.


Full remote monitoring of hybrid generators with Ascot Suite Platform


The 'Ascot IoT Suite Platform' is a digital hub platform where the IoT is used to remotely control and manage connected hybrid generators. 


Through a series of advanced features, developed to improve management, it is possible to achieve:


  • Geo tracking: the integrated MAPS functionality tracks the geographical position of any generator equipped with an IoT device.


  • Fuel monitoring: provides real-time monitoring of the fuel level in the tank in % and units. This makes it possible to track fuel consumption, identify any waste or fuel anomalies and take timely action to reduce costs and optimize operational efficiency. In addition, through alarms associated with the fuel, it gives early warning when refueling is necessary.


  • Engine Monitoring: allows real-time display of engine parameters and all associated alarms. In the event of malfunctions or parameters out of range, the platform activates flags that immediately warn of the problem, with 3 different levels of severity.


  • Battery Monitoring: shows battery electrical parameters and associated alarms in real time. As with the engine, the platform activates flags for batteries in the event of malfunctions or parameters out of range.


How our Suite supports Decision Makers


One of the main benefits of Ascot's IoT Suite Platform is having accurate, real-time data to make immediate decisions based on up-to-date information


Our platform provides key performance indicators (KPIs) to enable the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) to effectively monitor and control operating costs (OPEX).


The 'Ascot IoT Suite Platform' offers a series of advanced features for KPI control, including real-time alarm detection and management, with flag activation in case of off-target KPIs and reporting with different levels of severity: minor, major and critical.


There is an active event log, where active alarms are displayed. For each alarm, the user can obtain a log of all previous events (historical event log) and a brief description of the alarm and the troubleshooting procedure.


In addition, the 'Ascot IoT Suite Platform' provides a real-time network Dashboard with KPI summary and active and inactive network elements.


This technology thus allows COOs and CFOs to view key KPIs and monitor OPEX.


Ascot IoT Suite Platform: Reporting and performance


One of the key aspects of Ascot's IoT Suite Platform is reporting, which is of great importance as it allows users to obtain detailed information on the activities of hybrid generators connected to the platform. 


Reporting provides a comprehensive overview of generator activities, including monitoring the status of the entire installed base, generating performance reports on individual sites and consolidated performance.


This information is presented in a clear and intuitive manner, making it easy for users to understand and interpret the data.


By obtaining precise data on which sites are the best and which are the most performance-critical, users can immediately make strategic decisions to improve performance.


In addition to all the standard KPIs, Ascot's IoT Suite Platform also generates on-demand KPIs (KPIs builder), which can be adapted to the specific needs of users and are useful for analyzing and monitoring system status and business and technical characteristics, such as:


  • the fuel utilization of regional and individual sites
  • the generator operating hours
  • the hourly consumption
  • energy availability
  • solar energy


Automatic reports are generated on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.


These reports not only report on all the parameters related to system efficiency, but also flag performance non-conformities and highlight the network elements of Ascot Systems with the worst performance and, if necessary, to be addressed or improved.


Ascot's IoT Suite Platform reporting is a valuable tool: through data analysis and report generation, inefficiencies can be identified, potential problems spotted and timely action taken to improve performance.


Remote management and maintenance


Another core value of Ascot's IoT Suite Platform is the possibility of remote management and maintenance.


This innovative technology allows you to centrally monitor and control your systems from anywhere, ensuring unprecedented operational efficiency.


In addition, through advanced remote maintenance, you can diagnose and resolve problems remotely, minimizing downtime and optimizing performance.


Ascot's IoT Suite Platform provides remote monitoring and management with different levels of access, with unlimited user access to operational management decisions.

It generates a daily maintenance status report and a real-time and historical maintenance event log, with the possibility of accessing the entire history at any time. The list of corrective activities performed can be read and downloaded unit by unit.


Finally, it comes with Geo-tracking of all systems and supports standard data security features, Override and remote reconfiguration of system parameters.


Safety and ease of use


One of the main strengths of Ascot's IoT Suite Platform is its focus on data security.


Another important feature is its ease of use, with a web-based user interface for ubiquitous access.


Thanks to the key power values provided and graphs showing the minimum and maximum value of electrical parameters for the selected period, even inexperienced users can configure and manage their connected Hybrid Generators (or systems in general) with ease.


In addition, the platform offers a number of automated features that further simplify the management and monitoring process.


Ascot's IoT Suite Platform also enables Remote Switching of the Systems Controller, in Auto/Manual/START and STOP modes, with critical alarm notification via email and SMS if the controller goes into manual or shutdown mode.


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