Case History: Ascot's hybrid solution to power a landslide control system in Alaska

Case History: Ascot's hybrid solution to power a landslide control system in Alaska


In this article, we delve into a particular case history: the Ascot hybrid energy solution to power a landslide monitoring and control system in Alaska.


In detail, this project had to meet two main requirements:


  1. being able to withstand very low temperatures, typical of this state located in the north-western part of the United States of America.
  2. be able to operate in a very remote and OFF-GRID area


The Ascot brand is associated worldwide with high quality, reliable and long lasting products. Not only that, another feature that has led us to become the best Technology Partner in the energy sector is our ability to customize each project to specific customer requirements and needs.

And, precisely through the Advanced Tailor-Made (Product Invention) process, we are able to design customized generator sets and special power solutions.


The solution in Alaska is 100% customized and responds to the specific needs of the customer and the area for which it is designed.

Let's see together the customer's request and the characteristics of the Ascot hybrid system.



Customer Request: An Energy System to Withstand Extremely Cold Temperatures in Remote Areas of Alaska


Alaska is known around the world for its decidedly cold climate.

In many areas, snow cover lasts 6 to 8 months of the year and temperatures drop as low as −34 °C, with peaks of −62.1 °C in the coldest places in the Yukon.


Furthermore, it is a very remote and OFF-GRID area, therefore where there is no grid or where the availability of electricity is unstable.


For this reason we have chosen a hybrid system for industrial application capable of withstanding these very low temperatures.

Not only that, a system designed to work autonomously, even in the absence of a network.


Our solution is a 100% tailor-made hybrid system that ensures continuity and reliability even in difficult climatic conditions and in extreme working environments.


The characteristics of the Ascot hybrid system customized to power a landslide monitoring and control system in Alaska


We designed a special power solution for a landslide monitoring and control system in Alaska.


This bespoke energy project consists of:

  • 5 kW generator;
  • Eco Power Box;
  • Solar panels.


In particular, the Ascot Eco Power Box is a clean energy storage system that stores the energy generated by the sun or the grid in the batteries present so that it can be used when needed.


It therefore goes towards the reduction of the operating hours of the generator set.

Furthermore, it is a perfect generator replacement while configured in a stand-by application with a reliable network.


Not only that: thanks to the use of solar panels, we have the possibility of obtaining 100% fuel savings and a reduction in energy, operating and maintenance costs.


All this, without forgetting environmental sustainability: EPB Ascot is in fact a clean and ecological product with ZERO emissions.

A product therefore already in line with the SDGs 2030 and 2050 sustainability objectives.


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